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The Impact Of The Salinity Intrusion In Social, Economy And Environment Dimension Of Ban Dung, Udon Thani Area

This study is aimed to educate the impacts and figure out the solutions for the salinity intrusion in Ban Dung, Udon Thani area. It was done by collecting the information with Qualitative and Quantitative Research; semi-structured interview, focus group discussion and questionnaires. Sample of population is 384 people, consists of Community leader, inhabitants, entrepreneur and agents from government agency. The studied-information is summarized and is debated according to the study�s purpose, and is presented by lecture. The result shows, there are two factors that cause the saline soil and salinity intrusion in Ban Dung district. First one, it�s involved with geology; it�s a low lying areas where the level of the soil surface is lower than the level of the underground salt water. Second, the use of the land by human such as, salt farming without knowledge causes the salinity intrusion to the low lying areas. The salinity intrusion impacts the inhabitants in Ban Dung district, firstly, the economy because the agriculture will stop developing, the agriculturist cannot plant many kind of crops. Then, the income will be limited. Secondly, it impacts the social; there will be disputes and conflicts between the entrepreneur, inhabitants and agriculturist, in case of salt water floats into the area. Furthermore, the impact to the environment is the limited of biodiversity since there are very few plants and animals naturally live in salt water. The solutions for the salinity intrusion in Ban Dung district are, firstly, to dig the mini water-well to sustain the salt water, secondly, to wash out the saline soil from the farm by using rainwater or the water from irrigation. Lastly, choosing the rice and plant species that suitable for the saline soil, etc. Keywords: The Impact, Salinity Intrusion, Social Economy And Environment Dimension