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Approach To The Interactive Relationship Between The Virtual Community And Its Participants From The Perspective Of Virtual Community Identity

With the sharp increase of the participants in virtual communities in recent years, the importance and the tendency of mature development of network community marketing is highlighted. Through understanding the interactive relationship between the participants of the virtual community and the category of virtual community and the factors that impact the willingness of the users to join in the virtual community, we will be able to keep the virtual community operated stably and gain long-term benefits from the Community Marketing. This essay has sorted out and analyzed the categories of virtual community and the four senses of identity of the virtual community, including information, entertainment, interaction and social identity of virtual community, aiming to explore the factors affecting the participation and involvement of the participants in the virtual community. As the result showed, these four senses of identity of virtual community all have blatant relationships with the willingness of the users to participate the virtual community.Finallythe end of this research that proposes the managerial implications, research limitation, and suggestions for future research. Keyword: Virtual community, category of virtual community, virtual community participation and involvement, virtual community identity