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A Study Of Conceptual Metaphor In A Political Discourse

Political and other sensitive texts are instances where various rhetorical effects in its purest, or crudest, form may be at the center of the communication. Having speech, for example, is highly important in democratic society. In order to accomplish the objectives of speech, communicative ability is not only necessary to enrich the content and to provide conveyed meanings. However, how a credible speaker chooses the metaphor�s expressions and creates new meanings are also mainly essential to influence the public. This project provides for an opportunity to gain insight on analyzing the forms and meanings of metaphor in a political discourse through metaphor�s theory developed by Lakoff and Johnson. In this respect, this cognitive semantic approach intends to explore the hidden missions behind refining the language use of conceptualizing through metaphor as well as to describe how the forms and meanings of metaphors used in the speech by the president Joko Widodo in The Fifth Extraordinary OIC Summit 2016. Keywords: Cognitive Semantics, Metaphor, Metaphorical Process, Political Discourse, Speech