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Opinions Regarding E-Learning of The Administrative Staff at The Distance Education Centres in Turkey

Many research studies have been conducted regarding different variables that affect the quality of e-learning. However, there are not many research studies that focus on the opinions of administrative staff regarding e-learning. From this point of view, this case study was carried out to examine the opinions of the administrative staff working in distance education centres. An online questionnaire was sent to those who worked in distance education centres in the different regions of Turkey. In this questionnaire, open-ended questions were posed in order to reveal the distance education centres´┐Ż profiles, the characteristics of the staff in the centres, the infrastructure facilities they use in the e-learning, the scope of the online courses, strategies for professional development of the academic staff, the problems faced in the e-learning and the suggestions for improving the quality of e-learning. The responses were analysed through the content analysis method. The findings revealed different opinions from the perspective of the administrative staff. The problems in the e-learning process and the issues that administrators and instructional designers should pay attention to in order to solve these problems are also highlighted in this study. Keywords- E-learning, administrative staff, opinions, distance education.