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The Use of GIS and Water Quality Data to Determine The Source of Pollution At The Downstream Part of The River Oued Al Abid �Morocco-

This paper is a contribution to the identification of pollution sources in surface waters at the downstream part of river Oued Al Abid, in the context of preserving and protecting water resources in Morocco. Recently, according to the companions made by the agency of the hydraulic basin water resources (ABHOER) to determinate the surface water quality in the downstream part of the River Oued Al Abid, they proved that water undergo degradation in the quality by unknown source. Based on a field trip, this degradation can be strongly linked to domestic waste from neighboring towns to the River Oued (Case of Bzou and Oued al Abid center, and some towns in the lower part of River Oued Al Abid) in pits traditional septic. To confirm this hypothesis, we have to show that groundwater drains these pollutants from septic tanks into the River Oued Al Abid. So we made a field trip to measure the groundwater level of the sheet, and take some samples in order to analyze it in the laboratory. The results of laboratory and piezometric water showed that the domestic waste from neighboring towns of River Oued, are generally the main source of pollution of groundwater and subsequently the River Oued Al Abid. Keywords- Oued Al Abid, quality, septic tank, piezometric, domestic waste.