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The Ability of Papaya�s Resin (Carica Papaya L) As Formula of Burn Healing Cream

The papain enzyme is protease enzyme which contain on papaya�s resin. Protease enzyme has a potencial as medical natural pharmacy. Protease enzyme has a substance which can be treatment for diseases, one of the healer cream on skin. Cream is material semi solid in both types, the water in the oil or the oil in the water. Interested in papain enzyme, this research want to find the step how the papain enzyme become a healer skin cream, a simple procedure, to easy to practice it will bring the product to have an opportunity to become popular in enterpreneurship. The aims of this research are, (1) to formulate papain enzyme to be burn healing cream as medicine, (2) to test the stability and the effect on Mus muculus burn of using the creams. The extract of papain enzyme had formulated with VCO in order that cream can be used for wet skin, and distributed evenly. The experiment that did in cream are covers organoleptis, homogenite, pH. Experiment iritation skin and Mus muculus. This thing did to knows the quality is qualified or not as burn sedian formula�s. Keywords- Burn, Papain Enzyme, VCO