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The Importance of State Intervention in The Live Pig Market in Poland

The aim of the research was identifying the type, size and importance of the mechanisms of state intervention in the live pigs market in Poland. The basic source of information was mass statistics data from different institutions. A special emphasis was put on the analysis conducted on 950 farms specialized in the production of pigs and which were gathering data for the Polish FADN in 2005 - 2010. Research shows that interventionism of the state in agriculture in various forms is not the result of special treatment of the agriculture, but of rational premises. The main instrument of support in this scope are direct payments, which aim is to stabilize income and ensure equal conditions of competition on the EU market. The pork market is protected mainly by a system of high customs stakes in reference to the import from third countries. Surcharges for the export and surcharges for private storing of pork are less often used. Key words: State Interventionism, Live Pig, Market, Poland.