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Economic Characteristics of Households of People With Cataract in Rural Nepal

As cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide, the current study aimed to identify the economic characteristics of households of people with cataract who had visual impairment. Using proportionate sampling, 251 households each with at least one member with cataract were taken. Surveys were carried out using the semi-structured questionnaire. The majority of the households of people's Occupation in Dhunche (46.36%) and in Ramche (46.32%) were labour, and 41.31% of the households were in agriculture in Basdilwa. The major source of income was labour in Dhunche and Ramche, and was agriculture in Basdilwa. The majority of families lived on an annual income of less than Nepali Rupees 50, 000 (~470 USD).Based on the findings of the study, people did not have good economic status and due to low income, labour was the main occupation in Dhunche and Ramche, and agriculture was the major source of occupation in Basdilwa. Index terms - Cataract; Economic characteristics; Nepal; Visual impairment