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Online Learning Experience of The Learners: Their Readiness, Expectations And Level of Satisfaction

Understanding the readiness and expectations of the e-learners is vital in the beginning of the online learning experience for designing the process of e-learning and organizing the opportunities. Additionally, evaluating the satisfaction levels of the e-learners will give feedback about learning process, which may affect the future plans of institutions about e-learning. From this point of view, this case study is carried out to examine the online learning experience of e-learners in terms of their readiness, expectations and level of satisfaction. In the beginning of the e-learning, a scale of readiness and satisfaction were handedon to the students enrolled a non-thesis programme at the department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology. After completion of the semester in this programme, satisfaction scale was used to identify the satisfaction level of the e-learners. Findings revealed that the readiness and expectation level of the e-learners were found to be at the high level. Moreover, satisfaction of the e-learners was found to be at moderate level. Keywords - e-learning, readiness, expectation, level of satisfaction