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Comparison of Asean Identity Building Between Indonesia and Thailand to Face Asean Community

This research aim to explain the comparison to build ASEAN community identity as a regional organization in Southeast Asia especially in Indonesia and Thailand. The common problem in region is to solve of this research base on ASEAN many of racial and ethnic especially in Indonesia and Thailand. Indonesia and Thailand have difference characteristic such as Indonesia have a democracy system to make a common perspective then Indonesia can build the common identity in country and region. But Thailand as a constitutional monarchy system that people is obey what king said. To face ASEAN community, Country have to prepare everything to make a good perception in community then community can build common identity as a ASEAN community. This is a part of ASEAN Socio-Culture Community (ASCC) that the point is make common identity in ASEAN. In carrying of this research, researcher apply the social constructivism theory that how ASEAN and country can construct the community to have common identity in regional. Keywords - Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, Regional Identity, ASEAN Community, Identity-building, ASEAN, Non-Intervention.