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Knowledge Management: To Study The Impact of Knowledge Capability on Operations Strategy

Now-a-days organizations are striving in a dynamic global environment where they need to attain the competitive advantage over their competitors in order to survive. Previous researches proved that knowledge management plays an important role in the success of the businesses while working in the global dynamic environment. Operations strategy acts as an important tool for the organizations to attain competitive advantage in the global market and the organizations achieve their long term goals by establishing an appropriate operations strategy. The impact of knowledge on operations strategy helps the organization to compete in the dynamic environment. The study involves two variables in which knowledge capability is an independent variable while Operations strategy is dependent variable. To predict their relationship total 120 questionnaires were distributed among the functional managers of different manufacturing and services firms of the Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Questionnaire adapted from previous empirical studies was used to collect the data. The findings suggest that both variables have significant relationship with each other. Hence the research shows that if organizations incorporate knowledge in their organizations then they becomeable to compete in the global dynamic environment. Keywords- knowledge management, knowledge capability, operations strategy, competitive advantage