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Design and Fabrication of a Self-Adjusted Mechanism in Combination With Passive Peeling For Effective Separation Used in Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing has been promoted rapidly in the recently years. Compared with conventional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing has the advantages of high flexibility for design, capability to handle complex structure and cost effective for rapid prototype. Hence, it has been launched into many different applications, including custom products, vehicles, aerospace, medical and art. Among different additive manufacturing methods, Digital Light Processing (DLP) printing has a better quality of smooth surface. This study presents design and fabrication of an in-house DLP printer and introduces a self-adjusted mechanism to assist in overcoming a common difficulty of separation. Separation is a well-known issue in this processing method, especially important in the case of printing objects with large contact areas. A case study using self-adjusted mechanism shows successfully print of a dental model. Index Terms´┐ŻAdditive Manufacturing, Digital Light Processing, Separation Force