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The Effect of Sales Growth Ratio, Inventory Turn Over Ratio, Growth Opportunity to Company�s Profitability (Survey in Indonesia�s Stocks Exchange)

The purpose of this study to demonstrate empirically the effect of sales growth ratio, inventory turnover ratio, and growth opportunity to profitability (Return On Assets, Net Profit Margin, Return On Equity) on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange.The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis results show that:Partially Sales Growth Ratio (SGR) had no significant effect on Return On Assets and Net Profit Margin,Return On Equity significant effect on Sales Growth Ratio (SGR) Inventory Turnover Ratio partially no effect on Return on Assets and Return on Equity,Net Profit Margin significant effect on Inventory Turnover Ratio. Growth Opportunity (GWOP) partially not have a significant effect on Return On Assets, Net Profit Margin, and Return On Equity. Keywords - Sales Growth Ratio, Inventory Turnover Ratio, Growth Opportunity, Profitability ratios (ROA, NPM, ROE).