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Green Hrm: An Empirical Examination of The Effect of Green Human Resource Practices on Performance of Pakistani Hospitality Industry

Pakistani hospitality industry is under intense pressure to address the issues likeshortage of water, deforestation and desertification acceleration. A clear environmental policy is required to deal with such issues. In this regards, the objective of this research is to assess the influence of changing environmental scenario upon firms� practices, and reorganization of strategic priorities in the Pakistani hospitality industry. To probe in to total force, a paradigm proposed by Guerci et al. (2016) and Newaz (2016) is studied in a combine fashion. And a quantitative research technique was applied to collect data from 100 middle and front line managers of Pakistani hospitality firms in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. The results suggest that top management commitment is important for successful implementation of green human resource practices and without a commitment from higher management, it is not possible to fully capitalize the benefits of GHRM. Moreover, green recruitment and selection practices enhance the overall organizational performance by lowering the training costs and promoting the firm�s image as environmentally responsible organization. Furthermore, green training equips the organizational human resource to make effective utilization of existing and depleting natural resources, resulting in an insignificant improvement in overall organizational performance. Keywords - Green Human Resource Practices, Pakistani Hospitality Industry, Organization Performance