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The Influence of Organizational Culture and Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance: The Moderating Role of Strategy Communication

Yemen is among the least developed countries in the world, it faces multi-dimensional challenges to continue sustaining economic development and political reform, the country�s economy is highly dependent on revenues from oil production with increasing contributions from the fishing, tourism and agriculture sectors, which accounts for 27 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), world conventional oil supply will soon be at physical risk while Yemen�s economy remains underdeveloped and appears ready to collapse under the burden of unemployment, poverty and rapid population growth the overall development goal for the government of Yemen is �realizing a high and sustainable economic growth to reduce poverty and unemployment� , Fisheries are a major piece of the global economy and a major source of jobs for people both in the developed and the developing world however, Yemen�s Fisheries, one of the four promising sectors as identified in its Strategic Vision 2025, has significant potential to achieve diversification in country�s economy and in realizing the job-creating pro-poor economic growth for country�s socio-economic development ,therefore, the development of the sectorial performance in a sustainable manner is crucial from the perspective of the integration of Yemen in the multilateral trading system, the entire fisheries sectors operations are governed by Ministry of Fish wealth (MFW) with its central office located in Sana�a and supported by 9 branch offices in 9 coastal governorates However, management strategies of the fisheries sector in Yemen are still beyond the main stream of modern fisheries policy,as organization struggle to be developed, there is a pressure which requires then to understand the factors that may directly or indirectly affect people behaviors� in organizations therefore the purpose of this study to explain factors influence the current performance of Ministry Fish wealth as the dominated administrator for the entire fisheries sector in Yemen, deductive research approach, quantitative technique and survey instrument for data collection supported with Structural Equation Modeling using AMOS were appropriate for the aim of this study, the study founded several statistically significant relationships between organizational culture, transformational leadership and organizational performance with key role of strategic communication as moderator with practical applications in the context of Ministry of Fish Wealth in Yemen. The findings of this study have practical implications for public sector organizations in Yemen; Public sector organizations that are interested in implementing improvement must be concerned with organizational culture and transformational leadership style as well as strategic communications for remarkable organizational performance. Keywords - Organizational cultural, Transformational leadership, Ministry of Fish Wealth, Yemen, strategic communication, Organizational performance