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Rural Community Development of Java in Indonesia

Conditions of rural communities in Java which have their own identity in real life. The Identity is meant here is the sense of kinship which cause of mutual cooperation behavior occurs naturally, pulling them over the common good of their personal interests. With values of simplicity, they are finally difficult to accept progress which coming to complex life. As long as the rural communities began to leave the identity they have, especially with the youth as a generation to develop an individual's progress in economic and social sectors.The government and NGOs ´┐ŻNon Goverment Organizations´┐Ż have been trying to provide a good faith by building rural communities. However, government policy and the support of NGOs have mostly given in cash and instant. It does not directly address the problems of cociety, it can even make people more dependent on the assistance that exist, so that rural communities are becoming increasingly spoiled by waiting for assistance to be provided. Thus, they get more difficult in dealing with the needs of the times.The actual needs of rural communities must be fulfilled by the government and NGOs is to build capacity in developing the potential of the community. And so we need assistance by the government and NGOs with the community as the main actor, therefore independence would encourage them to be more advanced and capable of evolving to meet the needs. In other words, the actual construction is formed by the people themselves, which in turn will create structures that people who have a high awareness for local development. Keyword : Rural, Community, Identity, Development