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Analysis of The Impact of Climate Change on The Biodiversity of The Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands

The Hadejia-Nguru wetland ecosystem comprises permanent lakes and seasonally flooded pools connected by a network of channels. The wetland is an important site for biodiversity. Biodiversity is defined as the variabilityamong living organisms from all sources includingdiversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. Both primary and secondary data were used in this study. General Linear model (GLM) was used to test the effects of variables on the dependent variables in two separate models. The results obtained indicate an increasing trend in both air and water temperature in the wetland during the period of study. The biodiversity of phytoplankton,zooplankton, benthos and fish all showed a decreasing pattern in the years of study. This loss of biodiversity has impacted the ecology of the area. An increase in temperaturedue to climate change may cause planktoncommunities and their associated food webs to have changes in composition, which in turn leads to changesin the distribution of fish and other aquatic organisms,with the possibility of some species becoming extinct. Keywords - Biodiversity, Climate, Ecosystem, Wetland