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Thermodynamic Assessment of Regenerative Organic and Ammonia-Water Rankine Cycles

For recent decades the organic Rankine cycle and the ammonia-water based power generating system have attracted much attention as they are proven to be the most feasible methods in converting the low-grade thermal energy to useful forms of energy.In this paper thermodynamicperformance analysis is carried out for regenerative organic Rankine cycle (ORCR) and ammonia-water based regenerative Rankine cycle (AWRCR). Effects of the system parameters such as working fluid, turbine inlet pressure, and mass fraction of ammonia on the system performance are systemically investigated. Results show that AWRCR does not show higher thermal efficiency than ORCR, however, shows lower volumetric flow rate of working fluid than ORCR. Index Terms´┐ŻOrganic Rankine cycle, Ammonia-Water Rankine Cycle, Regeneration, Low-Grade Heat Source.