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A Study on E-Oriented Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System Based on Rfid and Internet

The automation and integration in an enterprise has become more and more important, and radio frequency identification system (RFID) has caught great attention in this area. RFID system is not only on-site management tool, but it associates with manufacturing control system, material control system, warehousing management system and customer service management system. It can more accurately grasp manufacturing resource and the production line information. This study, from the manufacturer´┐Żs view point, builds up a simulated e-factory containing three processing stations, one warehouse station, one packing station, and one transport station, with RFID using remote mechatronic control technology to collect manufacturing information. This e-factory utilizes distributed control technologies with the help of RFID to set up an internet-based real time monitoring system, including remote online user management interfaces, the internet-based manufacturing execution system, and database management of purchase order, material inventory, and manufacturing process. The developed system can be used as a reference for the industry to introduce RFID system. Keywords: e-factory, radio frequency identification system.