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The Effectiveness of E-Learning in Student, Teacher and Community Prospective

E-Learning is a significant tool for fast delivery, better communication, and facilitation of both instruction and learning methods. Assuming that incessant and perceptive monitoring of teachers, students and community satisfaction is essential for the realization and viability of e-learning, we conducted a surveyed based study in university of Hail, focusing main entities (teacher, student, community) of this processes to investigate their perception towards e-learning. Data was collected in printed format and analyzed by using preset analyzing tool. Results indicate that students, teachers and community generally perceive e-learning as a positive influence in learning and teaching processes. Participants in the study assessed e-learning as a positive enhancement in evolution and progress in learning. It is suggested that the immersive and engaging nature of the method should be introduce to accelerate learning process. The technical issues in delivery of the material should handle with extreme focus. Index Terms´┐ŻE-learning, Evaluation of e-learning Student perception for e-learning, Teacher perception for e-learning