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Bluetooth Bic Tree Protocol on Android Platform

The motivation of this paper is to provide an effective solution on Bluetooth networking. Although Bluetooth is enabled on the most number of devices, the devices are not fully connectable because of the limitation of Bluetooth protocol. There exist several methods to construct a Bluetooth scatternet topology. The configuration of a scatternet influences the performance of the network considerably. BIC Tree Protocol on Android Platform focuses on establishing Bluetooth network by identifying the key elements of the study in the network which are the Bridge, Independent, and the Client. That will result into the establishment of the Ad-hoc network. In this study, the researchers used the BIC (Bridge, Independent, and Client) Tree Protocol as the tool for study. It is a tool which utilized the vast Bluetooth technology and the Android Platform. Based from the findings of the study, the proponents reached the following conclusion through a series of experiments and tests. The accuracy of the system when establishing connections and performing step by step procedures based from the experiments done by the researchers on android devices was proven accurate with a rate ranging from 90-100%. The maximum number of bridges the protocol can support without errors (message errors) is 5 bridges. The range 1-5 bridges can guarantee a complete connection and message passing. Theoretically, the proponents� application can support more than 13 bridges but the proponents don't have chance to test it because of device scarcity. The more number of bridges the message needs to travel, the more prone the connection and messaging to delay and errors. With the ideal results of the study, this idea of Bluetooth and network formation is a good research direction and further developments and improvements can be accomplished for building ad-hoc networks. The current trends for Bluetooth today are too many to cover if it is to succeed as a technology for building adhoc networks. This paper was intended as a brief introduction to the many challenges that the Bluetooth Technology faces and also gives a small description of work that had been done in this area. The proponents have described some of the issues that need to be tackled and that have been left unspecified by the current standards. This study is just an introduction to Bluetooth technology and its wide field of study including network formation. The proponents finished the plan up to disconnection but the tool doesn�t have it. The researchers recommend finishing the BIC Tree Protocol up to its disconnection features. The proponents also recommend exploring other applications of BIC Tree Protocol just like Robotics having it in the network formation and Bluetooth as a communication medium. Finally, the proponents recommend considering transferring larger message files. Up to now, the tool can only transfer a string of messages. Larger files include video and voice. Index Terms - Wireless Network connection, Bluetooth, BIC Tree Protocol, Zigbee, Brdige, Android Platform