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Solar Energy Aerator

Oxygen was vital to all livelihoods and lives. A life required oxygen to maintain various processes in the body for growth. If oxygen did not exist or existed too little, a life was unable to continue. Amount of oxygen dissolved in water was necessary to aquatic animals´┐Ż beings. Moreover, it was also an indication of water condition. As the amount of oxygen dissolved in water was diminished, the water became polluted. Therefore, it was essential to increase the oxygen level in water by using an aerator. In general, such aerator used power supply by electricity. Nonetheless, the research had designed the one worked by solar energy. Electricity generated from the solar energy was utilized to supply the aerator. According to the test result obtained from the invented aerator, an 80-watt solar cell generated electricity for the aerator gave electric power to a water pump as well as an electricity charge to a battery to efficiently supply while there was no sunlight. The solar cell generated electricity approximately 6-8 hours per day. The best time that the maximum output was produced was between 10.30 AM till 2.30 PM. From the initial use, the aerator using the power from the solar cell increased oxygen amount dissolved in water for about 9.5 mg/L in an hour. However, along the time, the dissolved oxygen increment rate was reduced to approximately 4.4-5 mg/L. Keywords: Solar Energy Aerator, Aerator, Solar Energy