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A Strategy for Reliability Evaluation and Fault Diagnosis of Autonomous Underwater Gliding Robot based on its Fault Tree

Underwater vehicles contribute significantly to exploiting great maritime resources. Autonomous vehicles are one of the various kinds of underwater vehicles which are able to perform operations without operator's interference. Autonomous underwater vehicles can be classified according to their propulsion systems. Autonomous Underwater Gliders (AUG) are among autonomous underwater vehicles which fall under the category of glide type underwater vehicles. They are designed in a way that they benefit low energy consumption and a wide survey range. Their reliable design is one of the challenges facing their manufacturing. Fault tolerance is one of the important attributes in designing reliable systems. Recognizing, evaluating and facing the faults are of great importance in designing fault tolerant systems. This paper studies underwater Glider vehicles' subsystems, considers their faults and causes, and provides a typical fault tree for these vehicles form which glider reliability and the effects of glider subsystems on its failure can be driven. Keywords- AUV, AUG, Fault Tree, Importance, Reliability, Risk Assessment.