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The Knowledge Level in The Use of Organic Fertilizers By Farmers in The Lubartowski County, Lubelskie Voivodship, Poland

Fertilizers are natural materials or industrial contain nutrients, which help to improve soil fertility and nutrients are considered an important for the growth of crops properly. Fertilization is necessary in order to improve the quality of agricultural products and the recovery in agricultural activities. The use of organic fertilizers and chemical lead to reduce the loss of nutrients in agricultural soils and this leads to an increase in the production of agricultural crops. Fertilizers is one of the key factors in the increase of agricultural production as well as other factors such as irrigation and improved seeds and Prevention and others, the fertilizers will continue to be a cornerstone of the agriculture in order to produce the food to feed of world population. The use of fertilizers has become commonplace today, especially the organic fertilizers for the development of agricultural production, due to the provision of nutrients for plants and in high concentrations and easily dissolves in water and ease of use. The chose the right type of fertilizer depends on the soil type and the type of crop. In this subject, find the relationship between the agricultural extension and the optimal use of fertilizers. The extension play the important role in the advice and educate of farmers in how they optimal use the fertilizers in scientific way. This article aims to identify the concept the fertilizers. Identify the role of fertilizers in increasing the agricultural production, identify the role of agricultural extension in the optimal use of fertilizers and rural development. Key word- Agricultural, Extension, Fertilizers, production, optimal