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Thermodynamic Analysis of Ammonia-Water Based Power and Refrigeration Cogeneration Cycle For Recovery of Low-Grade Source

A thermodynamic performance analysis is carried out for Goswami cycle which has been proposed to produce power andcooling simultaneously and combines the Rankine cycle and absorption refrigeration cycle by usingammonia-water mixture as working fluid for recovery of low-grade heat source. Effects of the system parameters such as mass fraction of ammonia and the rectifier temperature on the system performance are parametrically investigated. Results showthat the thermal efficiency has an optimum value with respect to the rectifier temperature as well as the ammonia mass fraction. Thermodynamic cycles using binary mixtures as working fluids offer a highpotential for recovery of low-grade heat sources. Index Terms´┐Ż Low-grade energy source, ammonia-water mixture, Rankine cycle, absorption refrigeration, cogeneration.