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Reservoir Rock Evaluation of Balkassar Oilfield Potwar Plateau, Pakistan Using Geophysical Wireline Logs

The Balkassar Oil field is situated in the eastern Potwar sub-basin, and lies on the Soan Syncline southern flank in Himalayan collisional regime. In this study petrophysical properties of reservoir rock, Sakesar formations of Eocene age encountered in Well 7 of the Balkassar Oilfield, Potwar Basin, Pakistan were evaluated for reservoir rock potentiality. A suite of wireline logs containing neutron, density, gamma ray, spontaneous potential and resistivity logs of well 7 from Balkassar Oilfield were interpreted carefully to estimate porosity, formation water resistivity, water saturation and hydrocarbon saturation. The Petrophysical analysis of Balkassar well 7 shows 24.7% average porosity, 17.7% water saturation and 82.3% hydrocarbons saturation in the Sakesar Formation. Thus, this indicates that Sakesar Formation has a good reservoir potential. Keywords: Petrophysical analysis; geophysical wireline logs; Balkassar oil field; Indus basin