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Evaluation of A Forage Crop Nodulation In Arid And Semi-Arid Environment With Treated Waste Water Irrigation

The introduction of a forage crop in some marginal soils located in four sites of Souss region, a semi-arid zone of agricultural production in Morocco, was evaluated. The assay was performed using lupine, a nitrogen fixing and traditional crop cultivated on soil samples collected from the four sites and irrigated with domestic treated wastewater. Soil samples of the selected sites revealed globally sandy texture with neutral to alkaline pH (7,5 to 8,1). Seeds of tested lupine species showed to harbor no pathogen but a high number of staphylococcus. Physico-chemical and microbial analyses performed before usage of the treated wastewater indicate low levels of total suspended solids and nitrogen compounds in comparison to the thresholds established by irrigation norms which are 10 mg/l and 30 mg/l respectively. Nodulation tests were positive at 73%. Keywords- Lupine, Nodulation, Plant-microbe interaction, Treated wastewater, Souss region