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Small-Scale Column Adsorption of Estrogenic Hormones

Estrogens are a class of micro-pollutants found in water at low concentrations and as potential riskto the human population. 17β-estradiol(E2) andEstrone (E1) are most found in wastewater treatment plant(WWTP) effluentsandeffective ofestrogens. This study demonstratesthe use of pyrolyzed coke derived from wastewater treatment plant sludgeas efficient adsorbent for the removal of E2and E1from aqueous solutions and WWTPeffluents. The aim of this study is, to determine adsorption capacity for the elimination of estrogenic hormones using small-scale column process. Keywords- estrogenic hormones, 17β-estradiol, estrone, micro-pollutants, adsorption, wastewater.