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Agriculture Technology Transfer and Productivity of Independent Oil Palm Smallholders

Development of palm oil industry has contributed significantly to the export of agricultural sector and rural livelihoods. In order to enhance wellbeing of smallholders and the country's exports competitiveness, the palm oil productivity of needs to be improved. Palm oil smallholders have to turn to new farming and harvesting technologies to be more productive and high income. The guidance and advisory service program was held by Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to educate and increase awareness on high yield and sustainable oil palm production among independent smallholders. This study looks at the extent to which the program seeks to transfer the technology with practicing sustainable agriculture and the impact on productivity of smallholders. Questionnaires were distributed to small farmers. Researchers and trained numerators collect the data through face to face interviews. Regression analysis was used to estimate the effects of training on the smallholder�s productivity. The results confirm that effective guidance and advice leads to better of good agriculture practices and productivity. Keywords� Adult Learning, Technology Transfer, Agriculture Knowledge and Skills, Productivity.