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Pengaruh Angin Muson Terhadap Potensi Laut Di Indonesia Sebagai Sumber Energi Terbarukan Berkelanjutan The Influence Of Monsoon In Indonesia As A Renewable Energy Source And Sustainable Development

Monsoon is a wind that blows twice a year and passes Indonesia. Monsoon is divided into western monsoon winds that blow in December to April and east monsoon winds that blow in April to October. Differences of solar radiation in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere is a factor that led to the change of wind direction and cause the change of seasons in Indonesia. Through the monsoons which will generate waves of the ocean waters that can be used as renewable energy sources, one of which is a sea wave power plant. The potential of ocean waves can be converted into an efficient renewable energy sources and sustainable and eco-environment. Indonesia with a very large water area has a lot of potential as a central point of the area power plants. Sea wave power plant which developed optimally can reduce the dependence to use the non-renewable fossil energy and reduce levels of pollution as a result of its use in every aspect of life. Keywords: Monsoon, Renewable energy, Sea wave, Sea�s potential.