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Rumor Spreading Model: Vulnearability and its Psychological Effect in Study of Salt and Water Ebola Virus Cure Rumor of Auguest 2014 in Nigeria

examining how a rumor spreads has been challenging, previous studies on social and psychological aspects of rumors have mainly been theory-driven and have relied on a small amount of manually collected anecdotal evidence. In this paper, a non-linear mathematical model for rumor spreading: vulnerability and its psychological effect has been proposed/developed and analyzed by using epidemiological approach, in which an ignorant individuals are refers to recruitment class and has a certain probability of becoming a spreader or stipler immediately upon hearing the rumor, and The whole population was assumed to be a constant and homogeneously mixed. The basic reproduction number R_0 is found. Equilibria have been analytically obtained and their local and global stability have been discussed. Conditions for the persistence of stipler have been determined. We mainly explore the mechanism of psychological effect in study of salt and water Ebola virus cure rumor of August 2014 in Nigeria. Finally, the obtained results are numerically validated and then discussed from both the mathematical and the sociological perspectives, and presented in the form of the graphics using Homotophy perturbation method. Keywords- Epidemic approach, Equilibria, Mathematical model, Psychological effect, Rumor spreading, Reproduction number and stability.