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Sustainability of Youth Involvement in Palm Oil Sector

This study investigated the sustainability of youth engagement in the oil palm agriculture sector in Malaysia. This issue is very important for research as the agricultural sector severely lacks youth involvement resulting in the need for bringing in foreign workers. This study examines the relationship between the extent of the knowledge, attitudes of youth and youth involvement in this sector. This study employs both primary and secondary data collection methods. The collection of primary data was through surveys conducted by distributing questionnaires to form 2 and 4 students at Krau Primary School in Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia. This school was chosen because most of the students´┐Ż parents are oil palm small scale farmers. In addition, the same questionnaires were also distributed to youth aged between 13-30 years in villages around Temerloh, Pahang. Overall respondents totaled 303. The results showed that the respondents' knowledge and attitudes have significant influence on their involvement in the oil palm sector. Therefore, efforts to increase the knowledge of youth is very important in establishing a positive attitude to bring about involvement in the oil palm sector. Keywords´┐Ż Oil palm, agricultural industry, knowledge, attitude, practice.