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Men on The Verge of Nervous Breakdown: on Gender Ambiguity in Almodovar's Talk to Her

The aim of this article is to contribute to the debate on gender identities through making an analysis of Talk to Her (2002, Hable con ella) directed by Pedro Almodovar. Depending on the theory of psychoanalysis, it aims to unravel further how the film is representing the normative gender identities and how the director complicates gender stereotypes on many different levels. Talk to Her is overall about the existential need for communication and love. In this sense, through the close reading of the text and particularly focusing on the main characters of the film, the article comments on their ability and disability to communicate to each other. In order to do that; on one hand the article suggests a comparison between the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty and the film in which both of the stories include a �princess�- who is silenced and put in a deep sleep, on the other hand, the article reads the state of coma as a metaphor. In conclusion, the article suggests that the film points the relationship between opposite genders as always in an impasse, on the contrary, the communication and relationship shared with the same gender, which the patriarchal system harshly refuses, can actually be a better option. Keywords- Almodovar, Communication, Gender, Identity, Melodrama