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The Dutch Education System: A Model of Success For All

The purpose of this study is to draw attention to Dutch Education system and highlight some important points in achieving high standards on foreign language education worldwide. According to English Proficiency Index which is an indicator of English level of various nations and conducted each year, the Dutch system is chosen one of the highest performing education system, thus its approaches to language teaching and learning can give important hints to other nationals. This study is based on content analysis and qualitative research method is used to collect data about the relevant country's foreign language education systems. Document analysis can be defined as scanning of the written documents containing the facts and events aimed to be searched. The results of the study reveal that The Dutch system mainly follows the principles and standards of Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEF) like most European member countries, however, early start for language learning at the primary level, out of school factors like subtitled films, television programmes, geographical structure, the philosophy of life-long learning contribute to the learners' development in a large extent in the Netherlands. Keywords´┐Ż Dutch education system, English proficiency index, success in language learning.