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The Influence of Organizational Culture on Orgazniational Performance: The Moderating Role of Strategy Communication

Fish wealth is an auspicious segment in its vision of NFS which has major potential to achieve diversification in country�s economy and in realizing the job-creating poor economic growth for country, the ecosystem approach to fisheries, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Code of Conduct for responsible fisheries and other international agreements have introduced management tools to improve fisheries management. The specific problem was overlooked the need to understand and to leverage the existing organizational culture within the Ministry of Fish Wealth (MFW) in Yemen as a dominated sectorial operator to ensure effective strategy�s implementation as a result to reach the goal thereby increasing the sector�s performance. NFS concentrated on infrastructure, technical dimensions and capital items: where MFW�s management system that addressed the entire organizational activities were neglected. Moreover, the design of strategy commonly failed to address the social, cultural and managerial constraints presented in the sector by a country such as Yemen. The formulated strategy should be built on past lessons by focusing on organizational and management handicaps of the entire MFW. Therefore, this study proposed the conceptual framework of the relationship between organizational culture and organizational performance and moderating effect of strategy communication within the Ministry of Fish Wealth in Yemen. This study will help to overcome organizational and managerial barriers of the Ministry of Fish Wealth (MFW) as it is the responsible operator for National Fisheries Strategy (NFS 2012- 2025) in Yemen from the angle of HR platform. This study conceptualizes and highlights present critical facts; organizational culture and strategy communication that have effect on MFW performance and entire sector thus ensure superior implementation of the NFS in Yemen. Keywords- Organizational Culture, Strategy Communication, Organizational Performance, Ministry of Fish Wealth, Yemen