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The Effect of Solution Sodium Hydroxide (Naoh) Dosage and Concentration of Organic Material Degradation Process Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches (Elaeis Guinensis Jacq)

This study investigates the influence of Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) ondegradationprocess of organic materialpalmempty fruit bunches. The aim is to identify concentration (dosage )ofNaOH solutionneeded todegradecomponents of bunch empty fruits. The study was framed on Gomez and Gomez (1995) split plots experimental design. A 2cm size reduction was done prior to NaOHtreatment. NaOH treatment carried out with three times the dose variation spraying with a concentration of (1) 60 grams = 600 milliliters (ml) ,800ml, 1000ml , with a concentration of (2)80 grams ( 600 ml , 800 ml , 1000ml ) and (3) 100 grams of a concentration (600ml , 800ml , 1000ml) then the curing process is carried out for 14 days. Curing process included water content, crude fiber content, and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio (C/N). Observationsexperiment after14daysof curingincludewater content, carbon, ash, crude fiber, andC/N. Research reports indicate that the dose and concentration of NaOH affect the water content , crude fiber content , and C / N but did not affect the ash content . The results showed that NaOH dosage of 80 grams and 600 ml NaOH concentration shown by the low crude fiber content, another word the maximal degradation fiber on a variety of treatments. Keywords´┐Ż C/N, Degradation, fiber content, NaOH, oilpalmempty fruit bunches,