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A Critical Discourse Analysis on The New Technical Vocational and Educational (TVET) Program and Its Actors: The Ethiopian Case

The Ethiopian Ministry of Education has devised a national TVET program strategy in 2009. The aim was to create a competent, motivated, adaptable, and innovative workforce mainly to unearth the roots of poverty and prosper social and economic development in the country. To that effect, the national TVET program has been launched across the country to train students who score a failing result in the grade 10 National Examination. The program was organized first on year based certification and later on competence based certification. The certification comprises the possession and application of a set of skills needed in the immediate market of the nation by way of being a productive and adaptive entrepreneur, or an employee, or self employed professional. On the journey to these platforms, new emerging discourses are on the rise. This research attempts to critically demystifying these emerging social realities of the national TVET program. To that end, analysis of memos, graffiti, conversations, and documents, structured and unstructured interviews with practitioners of TVET program, students of TVET program and hiring companies are conducted. The findings of the study show that the MoE policy on the national TVET program and its practitioners do not seem to be in the same move. A lot of diverging gaps need to be bridged for the realization of the Ethiopians industry renaissance. Key words- Critical discourse analysis, Technical and vocational and educational Training (TVET)