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Entrepreneurship Education in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: Implication For Security and National Development

Many researchers and policy makers in industrialized Countries of the world emphasize entrepreneurship education as the way to a sustained good standard of living of the nationals. Recently, the Nigerian Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) enunciated a policy on entrepreneurship education that hopes to provide and sustain the needed stimulus for entrepreneurship in Nigeria Youths. This paper sees entrepreneurship education as the formation of certain beliefs, skills, values and attitudes with aim getting students to positively consider entrepreneurship as an attractive and real alternative to paid employment. The present efforts by the government to integrate at entrepreneurship into our education system at all levels for our youths, highlights the need for departure from existing vocational curriculum to skills acquisition. In this study, it was discovered that the current education system deficient in providing the necessary impetus for development. This study provides entrepreneurship education framework as a means to end. It is a tool for securing employment and emancipation of people through knowledge and skills acquisition for gainful life. In this way youths will eschew violence which serves as a panacea for some social economic problems. It is our considered opinion that the policy on entrepreneurship education in Nigerian Tertiary Institution is a policy in the right direction and recommends that NCCE should ensure that the policy is fully implemented to the latter.