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The effectiveness of e-learning and its outcomes case: the algerian sports high school.

This study analyses the baccalaureate results of the young elite athletes in the N.S.H.S, of Algiers from 2010 to 2014.The aim of the research was to assess the role of e learning as a tool of academic studies while students athletes are away for training or competition ,and thus anable to follow their academic schedule . Up to 2012, face to face remedial courses were provided to students returing from competitions . In 2012, an e- learning platform was adopted by the high school, aiming at guaranteeing distance learning and physical training at the same time. Obviously , we don�t have enough distance as conserns the e- learning efficiency given the very short period of study. Our study focussed on the range of success rates between 2010 and 2014.Then we compared between the global average marks of the graduates during the 2010 -2014 period .FinalLy ,we dealt with the sports performances of the graduates ,which showed an increase, mainly in the years where the e-learning was used. Keywords- e-learning, sports performance, studies, national sports high school.