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Research Article: Professional Preparation in Udonthani Central Prison Women Prisoners by Education of Wad Khampamong

The objective of the research was to prepare the female prisoners back into society in terms of occupation and the psychological stability. This research was the qualitative research which consists of contemplation of occupation after punishment. After educating, female prisoners and their relatives about the occupation that corresponds to the needs of ex-prisoners. Forty ex-prisoners who will free in next 6 months to 1 year volunteered to participate. Results showed that five of them interested in cooking, 2 participators interested in teaching yoga. However, there were concerned about their past, want the right livelihood. Moreover, they also interested in grow herbs and agriculture by acquired farm, 1-5 Rai. Eighty prisoners and relatives learned about herbs. This activity can create a good spirit, hope, and relationship between female prisoners and their husbands/ relatives. Therefore, female prisoners felt valuable life, find the opportunity to get right livelihood, and plan to prepare fame before leave the prison. After educating, female prisoners were excited with the enthusiastic questions to instructor, and identify the need to know more on growing herbs, process of distil for Thai traditional medical institution. Researchers and Director of Thai traditional medical institution tough herb management for selling herbs to the institution and give the scholarship to study in Thai traditional medical institution. After the examination, 7 female prisoners answered all questions correctly, and the rest, 33 persons, answered correctly higher than 50 percent. Index Terms� Contemplation, Occupation preparation, Female prisoners, Herbs.