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The Examination of an Integration of Social Capitals and Approach of Tourism Promotion For The Creative Community

The aim of this study was to examine an integration of social capitals and approach of tourism promotion for the creative community- based tourism of the Tai Phuan Ethnic Community in Pak Plee District, Nakorn Nayok Province. The four Tai Phuan villages were selected as the study areas. The study applied qualitative approach including documentary research, the constructivism analysis for data interpretation, interviews, focus group, fieldworks, and participant and non- participant observation. The findings narrated the potentiality of the four Tai Phuan villages for creative community- based tourism development, characterized by their unique cultural identities as the social capital components. Suggestions of creative community- based tourism promotional activities for the villages were delivered in this paper in response to both domestic and international tourism markets. Index Terms- Creative Community- Based Tourism, Community, Social Capital, Cultural Identity