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Pairwise Alignment Algorithm for Primary Protein Sequences

Bioinformatics is the study and application of computational methods to life sciences data and the application of information technology to store, organize and analyze the vast amount of biological data. Bio sequences typically have a small alphabet, a long length, and patterns containing gaps of arbitrary size. Sequence alignment is still a serious problem when low levels of sequence identity are involved. Alignment algorithms are needed to compare two or more sequences. Pair-wise sequence alignment is concerned with comparing two Protein or DNA sequences - finding the global and local �optimum alignment� of the two sequences. Protein sequence alignment has become one of the most powerful tools for characterizing protein sequences because of the enormous amount of information that is preserved throughout the evolutionary process. So, pairwise alignment algorithm for protein sequences is proposed. Keywords- Bioinformatics, Dynamic Programming, Pairwise Sequence Alignment, Protein, Sequence Alignment.