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Particles Separation Using Microfluidic Device Made By 3d Printer

For the purpose of separating particles in a sample fluid at the size threshold of 25μm, a simplified microfluidic device with the pinched flow segment was designed. The ratio of the sample fluid with the particles and the buffer fluid with water was 1:10 in this microfluidic device. The channel depth of the pinched flow segment is 110μm, and the depth of the sample fluid and the buffer fluid is 10μm:100μm.The flow simulation of microfluidic device using the finite-volume method was conducted to validate the design of the pinched flow segment. It was found that the more than 25μm particles were completely moved from the upper channel to the lower channel. Moreover, the designed microfluidic device was fabricated using 3D printer and the industrial double faced tape with the thickness of less than 10% variation. It was found that the separation performance of the fabricated microfluidic device was good agreement with the flow simulation results. Keywords- Particle, Separation, Microfluidics, Pinched Flow, Flow Simulation, 3D Printer, Double Faced Tape.