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Design Of Electronic Load Controller By Using Combination Method For Micro-Hydro Power Plant And Its Control And Monitoring Program Simulation

In stand-alone micro-hydro power system, water turbine will vary in speed due to the variation of consumer load. This speed variation will cause in fluctuation in both voltage and frequency output from a generator. To solve this problem, electronic load controllers were invented and used by using single method in micro-hydro power system. Although using single method may satisfy for low power rating, it can not only generate the large amount of harmonics but also reduce the control resolution of system for large power rating. In this paper, combination method of binary load regulation and pulse width regulation is used to be minimal harmonic effect into the power system and to improve the control resolution. Microcontroller based proposed ELC design is simulated and studied on LCD display by Proteus 8 professional software. Keywords- Binary Load Regulation, Combination Method, Electronic Load Controller (ELC), Pulse Width Regulation, Stand-Alone Micro-Hydro Power System.