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Implementations of Collaborative Knowledge Creation and The Quadruple Helix Concept in Teaching Factory and Production Based Education

The success of polytechnic education in winning the competition now depend on the power of the human factor, model of learning and graduates competencies. Human resources requested are those have the commitment, good quality in their work, given the current organization must be oriented to the learning organization / learning organization (Choo: 1998, Garvin: 2012, Du Chatenier: 2009). The concept of collaborative knowledge creation (CKC) conducted between polytechnics with industry, government and other institutions through on the job training (faculty and students), the preparation of competency-based curriculum and KKNI (Job Qualifications National Indonesia) as well as the experience of learning through teaching factory, teaching laboratory, production based education, assesment competency for students and lecturer. The purpose of this study was to determine how the concept quadruple helix as the implementation of the theory of CKC performed polytechnics with industry, firms through teaching factory and production models based education to produce graduates competent and ready to work. Places of the research is done through case studies at the Jakarta State Polytechnic (PNJ) and the Polytechnic Manufacturing Bandung (POLMAN). Keywords´┐Ż Politeknik, Colloborative Knowledge Creation, Triple Helix, Quadruple Helix, Teaching Factory, Ssm, Production Based Education.