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Monitoring of Change of the Vakhsh River and Tributaries Hydrology in Condition of Climate Change

Present the results of studies of the hydrological characteristics of the main tributaries of the Vakhsh river- Surkhob, Obikhingou and meteorological conditions of the river basins. It was found that for the period 1932-2012 the water discharge dynamics in main tributaries of the Vakhsh river have increasing character. For monitoring of meteorological parameters of the river basins were used a data of meteorological stations Lyakhsh, Tavildara and Garm for the period 1960-2012. The trend of changes of the precipitation in the basins of tributaries of the Vakhsh river has the decreasing character at increasing trend of average temperatures. The hydrograph of rivers-tributaries of the Vakhsh river found two extreme corresponding to May-June and August-September months of the year, respectively. It is suggested that they are associated with the contribution of spring rainfall and the melting of the glaciers, respectively. Keywords´┐Ż Tributary, Vakhsh River, Glacier, Hydrograph, Precipitation, Temperature, Glacier Lake.