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Detection of Defective on Jonagold Apples with Image Processing

Nowadays, the development of image processing techniques has shown the impact of technology in the industry. Varieties of applications in the work of awareness and cost reduction activities have been developed in recent years, especially in agriculture. Previous years in various agricultural areas intact and defective products, although there have been studies on the separation should display hardware features of the computer where the processing as well as image with failure because of the techniques used in processing the desired efficiency is achieved. A computer again Jonagold apple varieties using advanced image processing techniques with advanced hardware features Starting from this point, which is made of those who work for the separation of defective. Therefore, people made this an industrial process that occurs in the hand, aimed to reduce costs and improve quality. In this study, treatment with OpenCV image processing in a breath of fresh apples on images obtained with the software focused on performance. To be well-optimized image processing techniques can avoid the problems experienced. Using an open source C and C ++ languages, "Computer Vision" library of optimized image processing software by using OpenCV software means based on the detection of defective pre-treatment have been made apple. Apple displays and receipt of necessary image processing techniques and the optimization of the images obtained using a filter description. Different techniques, systems using the devices and operating system versions running performance were tested. Index Terms´┐ŻDefects, Image Processing, Jonagold apple, OpenCV, Performance.