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Real-Time Dispatching System of Giga-FAB

Semiconductor manufacturing companies have constructed large fabs to enhance their competitive advantage.Normally, a modern Giga-fab has several production phases associated with AMHS (Automatic Material Handling System), and monthly capacity is greater than 100K [tsmc website].Since there are many production phases connected and the demand uncertainties particularly for make-to-order environment, the process management of shop floor is capricious. Therefore, how to properly manage and control the shop floor of each phase is very important indeed. In this work, a real-time dispatching (RTD) system is proposed. Two major functions of RTD are �Where�s next� and �What�s next� separately.The concept of safety stock isapplied to �Where�s next� function to assign the correct location for a lot. Regarding to �What�s next� function, the transportation time is considered for the lot with time constraint. Besides, a new algorithm is applied for �Look ahead� function which can increase the accuracy of �What�s next� assignment. Keywords� Giga-fab, Automatic Material Handling System, Real Time Dispatching.