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Adsorption of Crystal Violet From Aqueous Solutions Using Pirina

Removal of metal ions from industrial wastewaters is vital for the development of industries. Adsorption is the most used operation when metal ions are in low concentrations in the effluent. The use of agriculture solid waste as low-cost adsorbents is considered as an ecofriendly adsorbent due to their contribution in the reduction of costs for waste disposal. Pirina, by-product of olive oil industry, has been addressed in the present study as adsorbent for crystal violet ions. Batch adsorption experiments were conducted under varying conditions of contact time (5-240 min), initial dye concentration (10-200 mg/L), adsorbent dosage (5-40g/L), pH (2-9) and particle size (15-125 mesh). The experimental equilibrium data were examined using Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Dubinin � Radushkevich isotherm models. Kinetic data were modeled using the pseudo-second-order model, intra-particle diffusion model, Elovich mass transfer model and Modified Freundlich. Keywords- Lead, adsorption, pirina, isotherm