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Outdoor Environment Sensing Using Wireless Sensor Networks With Special Focus on Agriculture Production (OESA) in India and Elsewhere

The outdoor environmental sensing was done by a small or large quantity of labor force. They retrieved data directly from the agri-fields or its related environment and submitted upward for processing by consuming the whole days and nights. In this paper we have given a best solution to the outdoor environmental sensing especially with a good focus on agriculture production. In various countries agriculture is one of the main and strongest sources of economy and employment. We have presented the utilization of wireless sensor nodes for sensing the outdoor environment. This system will keep an eye on the every minute change in the given field including sudden rains, evaporation, humidity, sun light, water levels and various other Gas reactions along with the crop development under the given area. We have used the end to end sensor node technology deployed in the outdoor environment having capabilities of the thermal, solar and Gas sensations. This paper reduces the labor force, enhances precise monitoring and thus enhances the economy of the said sector in a smart way. Keywords´┐Ż Sensor Networks, Environmental Sensing, Agri-Fields, Gas Reactions, OESA, Tree Topology, Outdoor Environment, Crop.